Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a New Year...Good & the Bad

Many things have prevented me from actually sitting down to post my thoughts or comments of happenings in general.
  1. Posterous
  2. Twitter
  3. mwi Gentlemens Race
  4. Ink drying doing marathon sessions before the 'racing' season starts
  5. FOUR decade's soon...
  6. Training around the ink has me doing things I haven't tried before this late in the 'season'
  7. New site for mwi team
the Bad
  1. Posterous
  2. Twitter
  3. FOUR decade's soon...
  4. WINTER: WTF is going on with Mother Nature
  5. Work ie my position brings with it burdens I really don't care to have. Dealing with the 'new' attitude is really frustrating. The 'new' regime has lost complete touch with what it really takes to produce quality. The small items with be the nail in the coffin. Honestly I can see why so many jobs have been lost. I haven't seen a more worthless, pathetic, degenerate group(yes the same descriptive word used in various forms) of transfers in my years at the plant. All I can think of is that the man(also those who can comprehend it from the line) needs to read this book. Idle threats within the man's circle doesn't make for them wanting to do much for but cover their ass. Not an ideal work environment. Sad that such a philosophy still exists in todays job market. Wow!
  6. For the assholes who don't have a set, but most post under anonymous get a set, then post it. See if you 'speak' so freely then. Don't hide under the cloak.
  7. About the Inquisition some of the 'tight' cycling community are talking about forming please watch the videos below, then think about it