Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Now For Something Completely Different

Walking along the clouds
No one feels pain
One just sees gratitude
Few know the feeling
That of the sun
To warm those who need warmth
Otherwise fall behind ones shadow
Only to awaken to a new light
That of which only few see
If possible able to touch
Known to few, wanted by the masses
Those who crave it, never reach upon
One who asks receive
Than a star is thrown
For them to grab for that moment
And hold for an eternity

10/28/2009 Peace came to Grandma D

Friday, October 30, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Toeing The Line

Finally! 4 weeks off from racing, with only a handful of rides during that time. I wasn't lapped nor was I last. Not sure if I beat my number though?

I smiled. Happy, Happy!

I suffered. Joy, Joy!

I rode stuff alot were struggling with. Happy, Happy , Joy, Joy!
I'm throughly impressed with the Hed Stinger 6. C2 rims are the way to go! That combined with the 34 Fangos(these are great all-arounders, not mudders Dunnsberry) made for such a cushy ride that my back wasn't a bit stiff or achy. Or it could have been that I was going slow, MEH! Albeit that set up did save me from eating shit on the downhill after the transition from sidewalk to grass downhill.

mwi crew was represented in Lou Vull! mwi cult is rolling across the Country!

While on the subject of sponsors...
....seems that another sponsor failed their duties!
Other notables from the weekend JJ got 6th? and now is 3rd overall in De Stad CX Series! Roscoe got 5th at Lou Vull day two after crashing for the umpteenth time! Day two was with out a crash. Amazing what can be accomplished if you keep the rubber down!

Oh and why did I sound like a turkey everytime I braked? Well it seems that a brake bolt fell out during the trip to Smithville or during the race. Never had that happen before.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

I've Fallen Off the Blog...and I cant' get up!

Wow, I've noticed I suck at updating?

Is it a sign?

Am I done with this damn thing?

Twitter more entertaining for me?

Not sure, but I guess we will see what develops in the next few days, weeks, months!

CX is going on right now...but I'm not participating in the manner in which I had planned. Not that I'm not fired up for it. Planned for it. Got some secret weapons built up for it. Oh yes, that would be one reason this week has been a tough one to get on the computer.

Of note a couple of us have been rantin about the local CX scene. I don't understand, but I'm not a promoter, let alone a racer this season, so why should I give a shit. Well, cycling is about development. You can't developman if the top three beat the nearest competitor by 3-4minutes. Not only that, the top three were separated by more than a minute a piece.

What kind of ding dong battle is that?

Of interesting note: A regional official of USAC called out our mwi teammate Roscoe at Jingle Cross last year AT THE START LINE demanding a letter of intent for upgrading. Right before Nationals, forcing the boy up due to his domination at ONE race. Not at his local racing scene mind you which is Wisco, but in Iowa he shamed him for upgrade. ( I bet Roscoe gets the shame notice this year!)

Why isn't our officials doing this here?

I understand free series racing if your in the top three cat. But in the same category? WTF? IF your in the top three one year, race for FREE in the SAME CATEGORY THE NEXT! What is the logic behind such a reward? Isn't that sandbaggin or teabaggin? just sayin.

Phuck the bug! I wish I was here this weekend...GOOD LUCK MWI!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Build Speed, Power, & Endurance

Join Roberto Parker of Innovative Sports Training for a FREE Power packed informative/interactive workshop for all area competitive cyclists.
Topics will include:
Balanced training techniques
Drills to improve turn over speed, power & endurance on the bike
Core stability exercises
Muscle toning and power drills

Date: Oct 24th, 2oo9
Time: 10am to Noon
Cost: Absolutely FREE
Location: Innovative Sports Training Facility,
8316 South 7 Highway Unit B
Blue Springs, MO 64015 (attached to Rebound Gymnastics on left side)
RSVP: Roberto Parker (816) 405-7703 or e-mail rwpsports@yahoo.com

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sudafed Blur

Hours of watching CX video and live feed from all over the world caused me to get into the Superfan spirit of things. Also considering the lingering cold from hell is still hanging on.
GVA crashlights:

Look out for the newest and greatest Superfan noise maker:(if near I recommend ear plugs)

Monday, October 5, 2009


The King of the HTFU: Jens Voight
(recommend forwarding to 3:20 unless you specken ze deutch)

Beer of the Week

Stuff and Stuff and Stuff and Other Stuff

Stuff #1
Hot topic...TJ and Page's little bumpin and rubbin is racin'. Just don't cut the wheel from your competitor...Yes Page put Driscoll to the curb, but did Driscoll go down?
Stuff #2
Some stuff I need to unload...

08 Orbea CX 56TT, 57ST C-C, Syncros Carbon Seat Post, 9spd DA front derailleur $400

42t Dura Ace Chain ring. Brand New $75

Rear DA brake and..
Front DA brake for $120
Paul's suicide levers $50 for 26.8 diameter
Stuff #3
I'm sick. I'm not happy with it. My CX season is now not turning out how I had planned. BIG SUCK!! New kits, rigs, tires, the whole chit and capoodle. Now for nada. Runny nose, cough perfect symptoms for not training. I've done this before, train while having slight symptoms to only have them to blow into full fledge near death feeling cold. Reading results, looking at pictures, watching the videos makes it worse. Becoming very crusty.

Other Stuff
Ok, slow on the draw but one of our sponsors hit the deck last week. That sucks, but I know she is a tough cookie, she is also Irish so I know she has a thick melon. Get well Mo! BTW, I would recommend you and Rosco come down so I can take you on some really fine roads to build your riding skills. I've been known to show some wicked bike handling bike skillz! YO!

mwi crew is heading up to Ohio 3. Let's just say I expect alot out of my boys heading up that way! Big race, Bigger results. Wish the man would have let me go with you guys. I make a really good pit bitch!
I guess this means you guys won't hear anymore smack talk from me for the season since I'm now racing for the fun of it!

Phuck that! I can't or won't give you guys any reprieve! It's still on..it will be a real ding dong battle.
Oh yea, Half Lap and I are tied.
JJ, well he keeps skipping his date with fate!
I almost forgot my newest buddy DunnsBerry! !(editors note: DunnsBerry is like a pro so I don't race in a class like his!)