Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well, That's How Last Week Was In Cycling

At least there is some other performance art going on. It's exciting, but am taking it for face value as others have mentioned.

Can someone explain to me why Freecaster.tv is called that? WTF?

All most forgot to tell you about the NEW RIDE that is taking the place of Fathers Day Urban ASSault. Welcome the beginning of the BCR tours.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FDUASS Is Going To Be Like This...

Well...I'm mean it could be like this...

Well not...Just like this....

Well not really at all like this...

But I mean you really never know? Right?

Also just substitute June 2o, 2010 every time you hear April 26, 1992.

Bicycles will be involved in some manner. That is for sure.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Take one before reading.

I hear about motion sickness alot. Most times it involves flying or driving. But I'm hear to tell you something. I found a place in the KC Metro Area that you can get it with two wheels.

I'm not deserving of critiquing since I'm not involved in the scene anymore. BUT... I was intrigued with the numbering system of the park. 16 trails should amount to a REALLY BIG LOOP of trails. Yikes, make that all 16 trails in roughly 4.5 -4.8 miles. Confusing to have so many numbers for so little amount of mileage. Don't get me wrong I'm not bagging on these trails, they are really fun, just stinkin short for 16 marked trails.

You will need two things ready for riding these 16 trails: Braking fingers & Climbing legs.

  1. Braking fingers because after a roller coaster of right, left, right, left, right, left, 180, 90, 180, 90, 120,60 really about any radius of turn you can throw in your doing it, most of the time going down into the valley....then
  2. Climbing legs due to the fact once you reach the valley floor your climbing your arse off right back up doing the roller coaster right, left, right, left. Inside that 4.8 loop we climbed roughly 450ft. Pretty good ratio of distance/altitude gained. VAM was great!
Gotta have some photog's right?...

The trails are 90% like this..smooth non-technical

Climbing..climbing, turning...turning you get the pic?
More of the same, gives an example of turns & climbing

Most technical aspect of the whole trail.

Forgot there are some BC bridges there.

So IF you go fast this is how you could end up. Alot of messed up wings lately!

Sounds like a FDUASS is in the plans. I'm waiting on pins & needles for this! Keep your calendars open. Who know's what's planned. It will be a hallmark holiday to remember, I bet!

I'm thinkin we might need to do this soon....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

North By NorthWest, Son

So if no one noticed yesterday there was a bit wind.

A little bit chilly to start the day. Which meant a jacket day.

Hoping the pink's don't clash! What'ya think Dunnsberry?

Along with that it was my I Don't Give A F*&$ Friday ride. Yep, felt like my bro from Bodunklivar skipping out to ride at lunch. The only difference was that I didn't have to return back to work.

I decided since the wind was coming from the WNW that I would roll over to Bennetti's to grap a mid-ride snack & one of them there mac-a-chitto(had to be there!). Quite the discussion was brought about the wearing of pink among the barista's and myself. Interesting perspective from the non-cycling community. It was mentioned that one's husband owned more pink than she did. From that conversation we rolled into this...

I wound up signing that damn song the whole way home...Thanks! Seriously listen to the song and see if you don't actually sing/hum/whistle that tune for awhile. Meh!

Oh yea back to the ride. Since I don't like taking the same 'ol, same 'ol I decided to try out something new on the way home. Part of this decision was wind related let the truth be known. Then again I knew I had a little time to kill. The desire to put in some extra miles didn't hurt either.

So the adventure began..

Great coffee brought sun & hills. Its steeper than a 'flat screen' can show.

Throw in some break neck curves...

Some sweet scenery...

Am I still in Misery or AreKansas?

Yes, that is a beaver. A big one at that.

After entering suburbia I decided to take another route to avoid the wind. A decision that I would pay for in spades. Less wind more hills, stinkin thinkin! In between the hills one more decision that I would enjoy....

Gravel trail on a 10 speed

I was passed on a downhill with a "On your right"

I decided I would 'draft' for a bit

He was truly trying to drop me!

After that shot I gave him 'On your left' to which his response was, "Is that a ten speed or a cross bike?" I just didn't have enough gumption to take a shot of him behind me. The funny thing about that story is how it actually began. That gentlemen was at the trailhead on the phone when I passed him asking if he was ok or needed anything. Then about halfway through he came by a mach one on the downhill giving me the look. So of course I just 'had' to upshift. All I could think of after that was this...

One last set of hills was my final undoing here is the last one..

New pavement didn't make it any better

The last pitch I was almost tacking the climb.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

25 Tips On How To Plan A Shitty Race Trip

  1. Plan on going to the wrong town.
  2. Read the e-mail from promoter telling you the weather was forecasted worse last year.
  3. Actually believing #2.
  4. Driving into rain for 4 hours.
  5. Pay attention to where the storm chasers go.
  6. Don't pull over when everyone else is.
  7. See how far you can drive with wipers at full speed, unable to see anything.
  8. Making great time to wrong city.
  9. Decide to make up time through a 'short cut'
  10. Drive back into storm.
  11. Don't stop because Sheriff tells you too.
  12. Disobey order to get out of vehicle from #11.
  13. Take a pass on going in the McDonald's restroom with 50 AreKansasians to die.
  14. Watch the tornado pass less than a 1/4 mile from you.
  15. Then realize you have to follow the path of destruction.
  16. Drive after a tornado hits 'mountain' roads.
  17. Figuring out it took an hour to drive 27 miles through #12 after #1o.
  18. Have reservations at Mold n Rust Inn.
  19. Listen to the death toll from the 'city' right through that there crest.
  20. Try to sleep after the weatherman states more severe storms can hit area.
  21. Waking up after several Sheriff/Police turn on sirens through town.
  22. Throw your phone after alarm goes off.
  23. Don't race after all the shitty things that happened to you.
  24. Get your rack pumped by town crazy as self serve attendant(in training) pumps your gas.
  25. Answering all the questions to why YOU didn't race.

The beginning of the fun

Amazingly this isn't a motion shot. That's how hard the wind was blowing.

Can't see anything I might as well take a photo for postmortem

Yes it did become calm before the true shit hit the fan.