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Elbert Hubbard

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bagged & Tagged The Rapha 500

All I can say is that somewhere out there is a Fat Lady Signing.

Today laid out its own challenges that I haven't experienced during the Rapha Festive 500. First off one of my fair weather buddies decided to come out and join me for half of the ride. Thanks K-Lew for the ride to Benetti's.

Before arriving I had a close call with a Toyota Mini Van that decided it was a smart idea to turn around on a steep downhill curve. Luckily it wasn't wet or I could have came up short on miles. Not more than a couple minutes later I had a rear flat. Must have embedded something after the little e-stop. As the saying goes 'Things come in three's' well to top it off a squirrel decided to make a mad dash across the street as I was at top speed downhill. Again luck played it's part because the little sucker turned tail to go back the way he started. Very close call.

At this point I was getting a little nervous if I was going to be taken out before getting all miles in. I finally arrived home. The ride was one of those that you would actually like to stay out to enjoy the weather. Albeit the wind was at a sustained 20mph with gusts reaching 40mph. Maybe I should have heeded the wind advisory. Nope there was a task at hand to which I was going to complete. Which I did. I'm still amazed that I pulled it off. Now I hope I get one of the patches.

I would like to the think Rapha for coming up with the challenge. It really forced me to dig deep to achieve the final miles/k's. Feel really good right now, but will see what happens tomorrow.


281.9+33.22=315.12 miles.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Going the Distance for the Rapha 500

That's right. I"m going make this thing with one easy ride to Benetti's Coffee Experience tomorrow. I really had some doubts about the idea after the weather took a nose dive. Somehow I managed to hang tough for two absolutely shitty days. Now tomorrow they are calling for 59 degrees. Really it doesn't bother me that the winds will be 25miles an hour. Cake walk after doing that in 10-20 degree shit with the same winds. So excited to wrap this baby up and deliver it to Rapha.

Tomorrow I will download my rides via Map My Ride since I totally blew it with the download of total debacle. I almost did it again tonight. Tired, a little tender all over the whole body. Miraculously the rig is starting to feel the same. I can tell by the little noises that it started producing today. Or maybe it was the shear silence in the fog amplified everything.

Very strange day of riding. The drizzly was more of a sprinkle the entire time going south. Until I reached my furthest point. Then suddenly the mist stopped. The fog, well it hung tough although on the southeast side it subsided just a little. I wasn't quite as afraid of the Loch Ness Monster coming out of the woods. Although I've heard the chupacabra are in the woods out south. Just saying they can migrate you know.

138.1+143.8= 281.9 total mileage
281.9-310.6= 28.7 left to go
Just remember that you have to go back a couple days before I downloaded & cleared my running total.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tequila Sunrise Goes Well with the Rapha 500

After last's night pitcher today was going to be a rough one. Well so I thought. With the temps rising, the sun out, plus a little hung over from margaritas I donned my kit. Rolled out the door.
The route was to be the Cultural Enhancement Tour. Why the name? Well it leaves from the suburbs; travels to the urban core via a mix of countryish outcrops to full on golf course locals along the spin. The route visits five different cities along its path. One dedicated gravel path, a greenway trail, then urban streets to reach the destiny for today: Broadway Cafe.
Along the route today ran into several riders which was nice to see. The PRO's from 360 w/Marshall. Then stopped One Eyed Z for a little catch up, then off I rolled.
Todays reward
Double Soy Macchiato & Vegan Pumpkin Bread

Here's where that higher education + ADHD=crusty's total mileage

I actually can relate. Just substitute 'Mr. Brownstone' for Rapha 500

Rapha Day 5 Late

All well laid out plans are made to be broken. Especially if you decide to stop my your favorite Mexican eating establishment, Fiesta Azteca. Usually when the boss and I stop there we get a half pitcher of margaritas. Well this time I decided to go the full monty. Which was a gooood idea at the time but today it might not be. Only time will tell.

I did ride yesterday. The previous days effort played a big role in the later than usual start. The weather really took it's toll on me. Not that I was pushing pace. I'm thinking the 20 degree temp that effected more than I thought it would. Oh well, living to fight another day.

Yesterday's route was a favorite of mine, in the summer. Now I know why. To many hills, not enough rest in between. Who said Misery was flat? I will show them the opposite. We may not have 10-30 minute sustained climbs. It the endless rollers that will wear on a man's soul. So today's plan is to hit the cultural enhancement tour. With the temps climbing and the possibility of rain I need a big push today and tomorrow to secure the 310.6.

I made the mistake of leaving the computer on to charge the Garmin. Then it downloaded my history. Damn. Now I have to add this stuff up. Guess that higher education will come in handy after all.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Celebrating Boxing Day by Riding for the Rapha 500

Boxing Day? When I first heard that I thought it was celebrating actual boxers. You know another holiday commercialized by the man. Except this time Don King stepped up.

Enough of that...Today has been the coldest day so far on this Rapha Festive 500 Challenge. When I started it was 19degrees with windchill dipping into almost single digits. Really, really, really cold. After yesterdays mistakes I made sure to correct the issue. Proven windproof fronts. Complete comfort was reached. Actually enjoyed todays ride even been the extreme range of my riding delight.

From this point on it's looking alot easier. Mother Nature didn't break me today. With the weather turning warmer over the next few days I'm feeling confident I will get my patch.

Alot of shots today.

Running Total So Far

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Willy Pete Didn't Appreciate the Rapha 500 Contest Today

With the temps topping out at 27 degrees with wind gusts up to 25mph out of the NNE made the wind chill below 20 degrees. That's phucking cold outside to be riding. Amplifying the windchill with the speed I carried I can only imagine how cold it actually was.

When a manufacture produces items that say they are windproof fleece how do they test them? Well my test today wasn't the best results a cyclist wants/like's/asks for. You hear often enough how cycling effects the prostate. If your windproof fleece isn't windproof your Willy Pete will affect your mental state faster than a greased pig getting a away from well....nevermind. I felt great for sometime, until the windproofness? gave way or wait, the shit wasn't windproof in the first place, with the constant wind today.

My first thought was to change direction heading into the west to give me(Willy Pete) some reprieve with the crosswind. But for some unknown reason every time I turned west it seemed that it was a headwind. Son of a Botch, this isn't going how I planned. My conspiracy theory seems to be playing itself out to a 'T'. Mother Nature is working in cohorts with Rapha to make sure I don't get my stinkin patch. I NEED THAT STICKIN PATCH.

Any way I went was the wrong direction so I had to pull the plug otherwise I think it would be hard to explain to an ER doctor why the Willy Pete is frozen at the tip. Since it was so cold I only got some shots when I stopped to make sure Willy Pete still worked.
UPDATED: Feeling is slowly returning. Slowly, painfully, but things seem to be ok.

Total Damage Accumulated Thus Far

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mother Nature Can Be A Real Bitch For The Rapha 500

I'm not kidding. I really mean it. All I want to do is ride my bike for 50+ miles a day. Look that should be simple. Unless Mother Nature & Rapha Festive 500 have a deal going I don't know about. If so, I will overcome. If not I'm going down trying. Both fist's flying, legs a spinning, and with lungs burning to get that patch.

Snow was in the forecast. Well this time the weather folks got it right...

Temps just above freezing made sure it wouldn't stick. Unfortunately I figured it would be a better call to take the MTB out for a spin. That was the right call until I discovered some very busy trail gnomes have cut and signed some new trail. Very fun trail if I should say so myself. The next time I go I will make sure it's a little drier. Rocks and roots covered in snow are a little treacherous. Fun, just a little more than I was ready for.

Today's ride started to push my limits. Toe's got wet, then cold. Glove's became wet from all the snow, then a bit chilled. Mind began to wonder. Luckily I had iPod cranking out some tunes. Tried again to get some shots. Big gloves, snow, fogged up lens caused some problems.

I'm thinking I should get some extra credit for total mileage. Seriously!

I'm totally shelled.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It Has Begun: Rapha 500

I took the first step err pedal into reaching the final goal of the Rapha contest Festive 500. Knocked off 69km(49mi) not exactly what I wanted but you have to start somewhere. I tried to take some shots of riding in the country from dusk to night time. Its kinda of difficult taking shots with winter gloves on.

Amazing how riding in the country takes on a new perspective from daytime. I've ridden at night in the woods plenty of times. Riding on the road on County Maintained roads is one thing during the day. At night following two separate lights(one on the bars, the other on the helmet) at adds an element all its own. The country dogs really don't know what the hell to do when they saw a couple of lights moving up the road at them. Possums well they played possum. No photos of those guys, those teeth scare the shit out of me. So I just kept moving on.

Ok tomorrow's plan is still up in the air. The weather is going to make it a challenge. But I want that patch. Might have to try and bag 50miles on the MTB.

Merry Christmas Eves Eve...

Day One

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Accept NOT Except

These words are no where near each other in terms of definition. Just as close as positive and negative on a AA battery.

I really have to thank the auto-correct on my phone. Damn technological advancements so I don't have to think of which word I would like to actually use.

Why the hell am I bringing this up anyway?
I accepted(not excepted) the challenge of Rapha. I'm striving for the patch. Then IF i get the patch I'm thinking I'm going to need(not want) this or that to sew it onto. You never know I could win the winter bundle?

So how do I plan on accomplishing this task:

  • Thursday 23rd: after work getting 20-30 miles off road
  • Friday 24th: Buckner 50-60 miles
  • Saturday 25th: CET with the Dead Hooker Loop 70-80 miles
  • Sunday 26th: mwi Gents Race scouting 70-90 miles
  • Monday 27th: Lone Jack Lollipop loop 50-60 miles
  • Tuesday 28th: Downtown Loop 60-80 miles
  • Wednesday 29th: Pleasant Hill 50-60 miles
  • Thursday 30th: mwi Gents Race full monty 80-100 miles

Lofty goals I know. But I did accept them not except them. I want that patch!

First posts will be up at my Posterous. Then I will try to update here with more visual bicycle eroticism.

I guess this will embark my new challenges I mentioned earlier this week for '11. Yea, I know its NOT the new year but damnit it's close enough. It will add money to the bank for the next year of adventures.

BTW, its almost Christmas...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A New Chapter

With 2011 some changes are coming like usually for all of us. We make plans for new races, challenges to spark our competitive enthusiasm, set goals for the ones we 'know well' and look forward to some new toys.

Well for the mwi crew our first change is that we are going for Sponsors in '11. So with that I would like to welcome our first Sponsor: Corsa Concepts. Have a peek, get right up there and get to know them. Look for us to be 'wearing' some new hoops to match our uncanny kits.

I'm thinking that there could be some more announcements on the way...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

2011 Starts

But first I have to get rid of 2010 items:

1st on the chopping block:
Blue NorCross Med/Lrg. Ultegra Shifters, Rear Derailleur, BB. Dura Ace Cranks, Front Derailleur. FSA SB25 Carbon Post, OS150 (120mm), New Energy Ergo Bars (44cm). Fizik saddle k:ium rails & tape. Thorne Rings 46/38. Spooky Brakes. Swiss Stop pads. Ultegra hubs 32hole, DT Revolution spokes & nipples. Mavic Open Pro Rims. $1450

2nd on the chopping block:SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Blue NorCross Med/Lrg. FSA SB25 Carbon Seat Post, OS150 stem (120mm), New Energy Ergo Bars 44cm. $700

Got the road/TT/crit/gravel bike newly dressed up for the upcoming season of preparation. New/old DA set up now on it. New tape, cable housing & cables. Trying something out a little different this year after discovering my old Fizik tape didn't cut it anymore. Sticking with Fizik but added a double layer, then the magic trick for gravel adventures. All colourways are mwi approved.