Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Friday, July 30, 2010

STXC with a little CX

Last nights short track x country was a blast. Really. HOT. Really. HUMID. Did I say I had fun.

The trails were dry surprisingly since it was storming everywhere but at Swope. The STXC loop is very true to what a race should be expect for the fact that the promoter added a little CX component to the race. One dismount over a 3 to 3.5ft log that was followed by another log to bunny hop over as soon as you took your two-four steps remount. Some of the laps I accomplished this task smoothly. A couple of them were ok, with one that was utterly terrible.

Felt really good when we started. Watched as Ethan & Duff check out from the rest of us. 'Us' was Richard, myself, and a Boulevard fellow. After a couple of laps I wasn't very comfortable with gear selection so I decided to change gears way to often. A lack of confidence in my ability to push a gear. One gear change costed me a position as the change skipped the chain then I proceeded to slam the shit out of my knee into the handlebar. It hurt then started to bother me which caused me to take a little time to recover costing me. Oh well, lesson learned. Gears figured out. Now we'll see how the progression begins. So far good 'sensations'. I forgot to mention how fun the Swope trails are. Even after racing I decided to ride some more. Really have to give love to C&C for busting arse out there on trail design and execution. Very tough to leave without riding more trail.

Gotta say the trails do warrant a dualie. Very rough to say the least. Running 2.1's with 24psi in both front and rear, but the rig still was kicking up especially on the backside of the course. Looking forward to next week's course will be reverse. Should be better for me I hope.

I'll have some of these on...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hypocrite Award(Rant Sponsored by New Belgium)

READER WARNING: The thoughts of crusty are only his thoughts. They do not reflect on any member, shop, or team to which he is affiliated with. Hence if you have a problem with this blog please leave a comment. I will happily return your message. Thank you.

If you make accusations, words of disdain, or general threats, please please DON'T go and then use them as changes to your product. You wanted an opinion from the general consumer then you blast the people that help to build your company. ONLY to then turn around to make a positive spin. Dear Sir that's a Douche in my book.

Would like to thank New Belgium Brewery for a tasty brew that helped with tonights award.

Putting All My Eggs in The Proverbial Basket of Cycling


[pruh-vur-bee-uhl] Show IPA
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a proverb: proverbialbrevity.
expressed in a proverb or proverbs: proverbial wisdom.
of the nature of or resembling a proverb: proverbial sayings.
having been made the subject of a proverb: the proverbialbarn door which is closed too late.
having become an object of common mention or reference:your proverbial inability to get anywhere on time.

That's how I'm starting to 'feel' now. You know the 'feeling' of racing, right. Putting yourself in battle against other gentlemen with the same ambition of completing a task to which much time and energy has been devoted.

At this time I have completely switched all mental aspects to which I aspired to at the beginning of the season. A multitude of races were laid out on the calendar of racing. Then suddenly as the race day approached a sudden 'feeling' of unpreparedness to accomplish a well placing or actual completion of the event grasped my body, mind, well being. I could also blame much of it on Mother Nature with her unrelenting necessity to dump an assload of rain to make sure events were cancelled or questionable for the time to invest in driving.

So a full month earlier than ever before I'm starting to 'feel' how the CX bike feels. The starts, dismount at speed, mounting at speed, riding moto. Figuring out which foot to dismount with as not to lose momentum.(yes the last two are questionable to many. I have my reason's-read into that Old Skool)

Just as last year I'm putting a schedule that is pretty sweet. I'm just hoping not to get sick like last year. I did enjoy being a superfan(some didn't enjoy or get it) BUT I would have rather been slogging it instead of yelling, cowbelling it, and generally being loud! When I did get the chance to get into I was waaaayyy off the back with a giant grin.

I'm looking to some upcoming events to hone my fitness, pain threshold for the CX season. Not going to throw those out, because sure as shit Mother Nature will pee pee on them. I'm seriously not considering even thinking about them. Due to the fact if I have a thought of them BOOM rain, wind, hail, tornado's, hell fire arises to stricken them cancelled.

So if all goes well then I feel this song will be appropriate:

Ring the bell, blow the whistle bitches because I got a feeling its on!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wow. ADHD Post

Why the video? I don't know how about this?

Who would've thought that Astana would be able to pull Contador through the Tour? Then you have this guy. If you don't succeed try again..
I wonder how many 'Lance' fans think this tour is boring now that he has kissed pavement more times than you can shake a stick.

At least Steve Jobs is seeing the light...

Heat exhaustion sucks. Two days of training failed on the second day. Friday went well, Saturday ended about 12 miles from the house. It hurt. It hurt bad. What should have been about 3.5 hrs turned out to be more than a little over 5hrs. K-Lew came to get me bringing the best recovery drink made, Shatto Chocolate milk. Thanks K-Lew.

Today still feel the effects. Need a nap after doing my honey do's outside. Well, see how I recover for tomorrows ride.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dipped in the Toe

A whole week ago. Man that seems forever ago and a day.

Well not much to report on as far as my 'race' weekend. Break Through T of KC was as usual a mess for me. The week leading up felt really good especially Tuesday. But come Thursday I was a little stale.

'Race' day was Friday night at Longview College. 4's started at 5:45 and the temp was still a blazing. The course doesn't suit me all that well but I love the fact it's so close to the casa. The crit was a 40min +3 at least for some of those guys and girl. The first couple of laps I was right up there then all of the sudden the body decided not to regulate the temp. 21 minutes I got lapped. Plus the last three laps I was racing with Amber. Very sobering.
BTW, Amber you need to let off the brakes going into corners. Carry your momentum through will help you save energy. Follow wheels or keep an keen eye to the line, set up of the rider approaching the corner, gears and such. That will help.

Saturday was a scheduled work day. I tried to get off early enough to allow time for a warmup of some sort but to no avail. I got to the race 15 minutes before the start. Not good. With that I just decided to watch JJ hang with the group and suffer. Suffer he did. But he was racing and hanging in the group.

Sunday NO motivation to race. But I found some pictures to make a movie. Thanks Lyle Reynolds.

Now I have resided myself to trying to put more time in the saddle dedicated to efforts. Would have loved to race the weekend in Lawrence but had to get the neighbor situation, well situated. Will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

Been feeling this for a few days. Especially after todays run in with the law this morning. Karma is a motherf*&$er to which I suspect that officer will be paid back.

Todays dirt session was perfect. Wondering what tomorrow's group ride is going to be like?