Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Sunday, September 19, 2010

NOT a Race Report

For those who might frequent my ramblings from time to time you might remember that at the beginning of the season I was on my merry way to Syllamo's Revenge when I decided I wanted to take a more indirect route. In doing so it lead me through one of Mother Nature's wonders:a tornado

Well this time Mother Nature decided it was time to give me another scare: flash flood.

Ok this might be a little exaggerated but I will tell you this being woke at 1am by absolute pandemonium would change your mind.

So let's start from the beginning. JJ offered up his pop up camper for us to have a compound at the Hermann Under the Lights CX race. He wound up with a very nice location(many commented on it) to the race course. Hooked up, awning out the compound was set up and ready for shop talk/race talk/balanced life and such things we cyclists gossip about.

After that there was a race. A couple of us participated in. Some did good. Others threw themselves at the ground. Others broke stuff. Then others decided the lightening might be a bad thing and called the race after two laps.

That's when it all get's interesting. Mother Nature raises her hand to demonstrate that she still is pissed about the last Big Bertha that JJ & myself sacrificed in the mountains of Colorado. Well to seek revenge she decides to open the heavens on us as we try to watch The Flying Scotsman (which we concluded was German).

But low and behold she threw her best at us. First lightening, then hail, then nonstop rain(as in 5 inches in 3hrs). Well unannounced to us the campground we stayed at (and several others 50-75 or more people) was flood prone. Not just your normal flood prone either, this freakin creek was furious. By the time we crashed 11ish to the time we were woken with a nice screaming, pounding on the door "You guys have to get the hell out of the campground now" alert. From this point on things are quite the blur. I do know I stepped out of the pop up camper (PUC) into over the knee deep rushing, cold as hell creek water.

We (Ira, Cale, JJ, & myself) start to unload ALL valuables out the PUC, JJ turns to me and states "Get your car out first!" Well I didn't notice but the whole lower fascia was submerged. Luckily the beast fired up to rip it to higher ground. Then returning to unload what I could. It was still raining, no rain coat, in shorts standing in cold ass creek water watching as 10 5th wheels tried to get out. Honestly it was very scary to watch all this going on. Everyone escaped narrowly but a couple cars, trailers, tents, and other camp items didn't. We watched as the PUC sat still with the water rising to above the door. By 3:30 JJ & Ira were able to get the PUC out of the campground as we slept up above the flooded area, in our cars.

After we regrouped we shared stories of all the craziness that occurred. Here are some highlights:

ACoe lost three wheels: only later to find them floating in the parking lot.
Ira was caught streaking
ACoe may have discovered a new sleep item: Water tent
I figured it was important to turn of the AC while the PUC was flooding.
Drunk old men in Hermann are only funny to themselves. Seriously almost got an arsebeating
JB lost a wheel: only to find it in the car, directly in front of him.
JJ is insured.
I'm not allowed in any camping item of JJ's every again.

Race Report here, soooonn

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rollin' With It

That has been the mentality as of late... why is that? Not certain. Sounds like a good plan, state of mind, outlook to have? Thoughts? Anyone?

One thing is for certain. I'm riding. Riding for fun. Riding for serious fun. Riding myself into some serious shape fun. Now that I have been knocking on the door of Mr. Mile's for sometime the clock changed to adding in specificity. Those especial workouts we all know and do. Nothing special, just the combination in the right dose(I hope).

Since I'm riding I like to photog my journey's. Hoping to spark some interest in those that should glance at MY Point Of View. So let the journey began. Try a new route, look around at your surroundings, you might find something more interesting than your power,HR, speed, altitude, cadence, miles or anything else we use to fill our time while riding.

Monday, September 6, 2010

CET Morph's Into Devo'lution

Cultural Enhancement Tour took a new twist today.

Why the last minute switch from one planned ride to another? Not sure, but I think it falls along the lines of sympathy for our fellow man. Or that's at least what the ambASSador was saying.

Why Devo'lution?

Get the meaning now. Yes that was CurbDestroyer's helmet for the ride. Yes he got several comments throughout the day. A couple of times he mentioned that the helmet was getting a little lift under it. Modification's will be made in the future to eliminate said problem.

The winds weren't to bad, yet. Kicking around 10+ mph for the ride to Bennetti's. Well ambASSador, karl's jr, b boy, and myself started from mi casa about 1/2 late. As par for any ride that b boy decides to join us on. The plan originally was to do our 'old' CET route. But things got changed and off to coffee then let CurbDestroyer make the rest of the route. (I mentioned to karl's jr. we were in deep poo for the decision made for reroute)

Rolling out of Less Scummit isn't to bad until crossing Old Noland. That's when the entertainment starts. If you like climbing. Due to the fact that Ricky Road has several kickers at 15+ degree. Not long ones mind you just short sweet and to the point. The very pointed end at that.

After grabbing a joe for all of us but karl's jr.(he was on the I'm not participating in what you assclowns are day today) Of course a picture is worth a thousand words...

The true adventure didn't begin until we crossed the bridge..

Unfortunately after crossing the bridge I don't have evidence of what occurred next. As we took a left turn 4 very large St Bernard's decided we looked like some kind of play thing. As I charged toward down the road I noticed it ended into a gravel circle with no outlet. In the meantime CurbDestroyer was laughing his arse of about chickens. Well his plan was for us to see about 20 chickens that are usually out. Not the case. After a little panic situation of flight or fight, my choice was flight the whole time. We circled the wagons and went right back at them. FUN TIMES!

Down the hill we went then a right turn lead us right back to the street we could have taken and saved some miles and a near death experience. GOOD TIMES. The next turn leads us to Swope Park Zoo.
The next move was still unknown. These things happen when CurbDestroyer has time to think of 'routes'. We roll out of the park to miss all the congestion. Ton's of people were going to the zoo today. Word has it they are rushing the polar bear exhibit. Yikes, haven't seen that many people rushing to the zoo like that in years.

Our next destination is finally wrangled from CD as we grill him to where the hell are we going? Here is CD deep in thought were he want's to drag us...
The Trolly Trail to the Plaza is decided on.

After some complaints about 'wasted' miles on the gravel trail we decide to jump on the road to make up time to our new destination. Midwest Cyclery, closed on Labor Day but open to those who have the power. A quick stop was promised, but the thing not mentioned was that there was some adult beverages stored there.
Oh the peer pressure was just to much to take for all of us except for karl's jr. who was obstinate to our request's for just one beverage. Well one beverage turned into several for all of us. Then well the plans got blurry...

ambASSador getting resuscitated from b boy
CurbDestroyer Plotting Our Next Move...
Lunch time. Well it was lunch, we were hungry, so off to Grinders... Pizza & well what washes down pizza better than beer. Not this time, CD was the only one to kill another brewski. Full of pizza the long decision to call in back-up or suck it up and ride home. Well we suck it up, ride towards mi casa. The headwind was sooo brutal. Beating us down, the heat kicked up, the beer and pizza taking its toll on all of us. Then CD came up with a 'new' plan. I live at the top of the hill, I will take you guys home if you like. Well we liked..

End of story...wondering when the next adventure is? Good times reuniting the band.
Miscellaneous shots of the Devo'lution