Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Tradition

Well I have to say I've been doing this for 22 years.

Here is some of the madness you get when 44 degree's with a light wind.

280,000 people got to see this....

The Grand Finale

Then everyone decided to check out all the lights Looking down 47th Street

Now Clark That's An RV
The Gang in the Midst of Mayham

Chinese Democracy equals Dr Pepper?

Well Axle finally got his shit together after ten years.

Then Dr Pepper decided to honor it's side of the bargain

Unfortunately, Axle should have let this album stay in production for a few more years.  It definitely isn't the GnR of old which is very sad.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trebonsis Cured?

Well this might spell the end for Trebonsis...

I'm thinking Trebonsis can be cured now...  Maybe if I follow in the footsteps of TreeFarm I might be able to conquer this dreaded CX disease.  I don't know but we will see how this weekend will go. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Of Coffee and PRO's

All of us know that PRO's drink the nectar of the god's.

Lance has his favorite.
Danielson jumped on the train.
Big Maggy brings his touch to the mix.
Even Phil bounces his cup to his lips.

So with the cold weather hitting make sure to make your next ride end or start at your favorite  local coffee cafe.

I'm Somewhat Bias On This Issue

The first steps are in motion now...

The facility is "stripping" the line.  The process begins Dec 19th with only two weeks additional suppose to be added.  Here in lays the problem, this facility has never done it in this manner.  Very unsettling. 

What does that mean?   Well first off it requires the plant to be completely null and void of vehicles/material on the grounds.  We will basically put every part on the car to the very last one with nothing left and nothing ordered.

Why do this? It is a corporate write off. Nothing on the grounds constitutes "no property to claim" 

How does this effect you?  It may not now but it could eventually. The video below puts into perspective.

If you care please contact these people and give them your opinion.
Christopher Bond 202-224-5721 or 816-471-7141
Claire McCaskill 202-224-6154 or 816-421-1639
Emanual Cleaver 202-225-4535 or 816-833-4545

Here are is something to look at. Also here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Change for The Future?

Well since the economy has gone to shit, it's becoming a question if I'm going to have to make a change in careers.  Here is the reason why.

So, some of my choices so far have been..

1.  I really think I could make this work, I just need a couple of others to jump on board.
2.  I'm really sure I would be understanding enough for this job.
3.  If not any of those I'm sure I could make this one work.
4.  The research is in, I might be overqualified?
5.  Last but not least.

I'm hoping one of these will come through for me if anything should change.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

(not so) Beer of the Week

Here Is A Gift Idea for Your Cycling Geek Pt II

You can get it here.

Everyone Has One of Those Days

Its seems that the boss is becoming a philosopher in her own right.  Throwing out the prose like no ones business.

So this morning I woke up to the feeling that my melon was going to explode.  Great!  
Sinus's were not feeling up to the task of getting thrashed around here.

Used this to try and relieve a little pressure. 

Then of course I had to fill the tank up with joe from here. Actually make that two.

Now that the tank is full of caffeine, maybe I could take part in this study to help justify the before and after effects of the magic nectar.

Now my focus is on the bigger fish to fry.  Get over this little head cold and get some revenge on my homie.  I guess I'm done giving out freebies and time to even the score.

If I can't beat that punk on 2 wheels I'm hoping all my race experience from the couch watching all the F-1 races will come to fruition as I do a Schumacher on his arse and I don't mean this fool either.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Going Through the Motion

That was the first thing I was asked from the boss when I got home Sunday afternoon.  The funny thing she hit it right on the head.

No pavement at all, straight grass course.  Oh wait I forgot there was some concrete for most of the day, that is up until the 1/2/3's and the decision came down that after a couple people went ass over tea kettle that they would take out the concrete steps that you hit at full speed.  I must say that was a lovely design.  I wish more courses would throw off camber, bump ladened, concrete steps at an angle at mach speed.  Fabulous!!

I think I might be suffering from Trebonsis ( a classic symptom that CX athletes often  display mental and emotional disorder that affects only part of the personality while riding shitty courses or don't have a hells chance in placing on the podium.  Other factors that accompany this syndrome are various physical (fall down to draw attention to ones self, then pout the rest of the lap until one quits), physiological ( which could cause one to ghost ride their bike at the finish line), and mental disturbances (I'm happy, I'm sad, I kick ass, I suck ass).

"I will show you assholes, I quit!"

  I'm hoping I can put something together to the up coming final races to make up for the misfortune I have had thus far.  If nothing goes right I might have to find a doctor to find a cure for Trebonsis.  If you know anyone who is suffering from the same symptoms and have found a cure please let me know.  

I'm getting desperate, the suffering is immense and I really need a fix. Please ask the other CX junkies you know to see if there is an end result to this syndrome!

Beer of the Week

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Change in the Wind?

Mother Nature has decided its time for winter here.

Really had some thoughts of busting out with this race.  BUT...the weather had a small part in it, our 10th anniversary night celebration, and the fact that I'm glad to not be affected by the overall industry meltdown, yet.  Somewhat of a stressor with all the rumors floating on this and that.  It is quite amazing how rhetoric spreads like wild fire in that place.  Can make you a little nervous sometimes.

Now that I know that I'm in the clear for at least a few months it's time to get a sharp focus in the right direction. CX season has been such a difficult one for me this season.  I thought I would garner some experience  by doing some UCI races in other states.  The only thing I have experienced is that the courses vary from state to state and from promoter to promoter.  Along with quite a few bumps and ego bruisers.  Oh yea, I'm down 0-2 to this guy.  Four more races to go to in this season battle.

Some of the notes that I have stashed into the memory bank is that CX courses should have small, short, punchy climbs/downhills, twisty turns, sand, steps are becoming the big new thing, again.  One set of barriers with the ability to hit them at speed.  (Isn't that the difference in a good CX'er and not?)  

Well, there's my rant for the day.  

One other thing worth mentioning, last night my new neighbor decided our house was his and tried to come on in.  Luckily we had the door locked, along with the fact that Maximilian was ready to tear a leg off probably woke him up.  As I approached the door I see a vehicle blazing out of the driveway down the street, only to stop and pull up next door. Swweeetttt! 
Welcome to the Neighborhood.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

10 years.....

and counting with my wonderful boss/wife.

Happy Anniversary Carrie!


Urban Dictionary Word of the Day

BIKE SEXUAL - Unlike guys who like gals, guys, or guys and gals; bike-sexual guys are only into bikes.

"I'm into him but it seems like he's not into me. At first I thought he was stuck on his x-girlfriend but now I think he's just bike-sexual"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time To Decompress

My initial thoughts were to come home after the Nats Preview and just spill my guts.

But more important items came up to kill the thoughts of what an interesting venue we have for this years nationals.

1.  Where is parking going to be?  Expo area?  
2.  The course is very hilly, if it snows does this become the Tiffany Springs 10k?
3.  There are some areas where a Treboner can happen again.
4.  Oh yea, I'm not a fan of Locust Tree's so close to the course.
5.  The road leading to the park is very narrow and twisty, what will this be like when/if the weather turns bad?
There is time to adjust the course but I'm not sure that this will leave a good taste in many of the athletes that will travel far and wide to race at nationals.
The area promoters have there work cut out for them.  

May the force be with them!