Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are You Really Going To Be Shocked?

Because in a way I'm not. Go here to see WTF I'm talking about.

I guess we just must except the fact that these guys are dopers. Sooner or later the 'man' is going to catch them. Also don't forget about Dubba doing the work of internet samaritan.

Now I am amazed at this one. Only Sven could pull this off, and of course it would only happen in Europe.

Talking about Euro, I know that a certain fellow in CO will appreciate the tunes on this CX video...EuroTrash. I hope you get your faux hawk in the chainrings! What is a Faux Hawk?


Are the stars and moons aligned?

Got a ride in today. Absolutely gorgeous. Light wind, wispy clouds, and lots n lots of blue sky. Then at the farthest part of the ride from home I broke a spoke. PHUCK these wheels. Three spokes on the rear, one on the front. Damn Frenchies cheaped out the aluminum from the original pair I bought in 05. Not once have I had a spoke break on those 05's. Three seasons of cross racing and still true. Explain to me!!

YOU DAMN FRENCHIES CAN KEEP YOUR FRENCH FRIES!! I still would like to keep the FRENCH KISS. Damn Euro Trash music. SUCKS!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two Days of Dry Weather...Now What?

How about getting in a little more dirt time in.

Yep that was on the schedule after watching L-B-L. Very good to see the youngest Shleck grab a classic. I would lay money on him to pop a big stage at the Le' Tour and WALK AWAY with the white jersey.

After that the Boss and I loaded up and rolled out to the trails to avoid the 30+mph winds and enjoy the 80 degree temp with equal humidity. It was hotter than a three dicked billygoat out there today. While we were out there we noticed the trail gnome has been busy at working some re-routes. Nice work, especially since there are no painted arrows anywhere!
Ran into DS and Aimes finishing up there loop while the Boss and I were in the middle of ours. The storms looked like they were going to burst at any second so we didn't extend our loop like we had planned. On the way back DS came back for a little more dirt therapy. Unfortunately for DS we convinced him the storm was getting ready to dump so he decided to turn around and ride back with us. Well it turned out DS and I did the high speed thing on the way back. FUN times at speed. The only thing is don't slip off the trail or your in the lake. Yikes. Felt it slid that way a couple times.

You know what will stop a ride quickly?
That's a thorn that ended my day just as we got done. Perfect timing.

Here is some interesting entertainment?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Off the Cuff (ADHD Rant 2.3.1)

We dodged a bullet. Weew. Sigh of relief.

It's starting to grow! I made the 'cover photo'.

The Boss and I decided to sneak in a ride off-road before the monsoon sets in for the next week. Decided to do one of the trails that are 'closing'. If you haven't done anything technical in awhile this can happen....
The Boss was killing it before the crash. Watch out if she decides to race. It could be very scary for the competition.

Maybe I can get transfered here when they shutter the doors in North America?

Tomorrow closes the Spring Classics. What a bummer! These are my favorite two weeks of racing. Very inspirational rides take place during these times. The past weeks I have been searching the internet looking for live coverage of the races like a D & D player looking for a new 12 sided di. Now thanks to my bro, I have the hook up. Thanks. I will be in heaven tomorrow watching high quality live feed. I'm happy!

BTW I will leave you with this cover shot done by my Aunt T. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Feel Off the Wagon...

Blog wagon that is...by the amount of dirty cycling clothes I know why.

I've been outside. I've been outside riding. I've been outside riding since the weather is good during the week. I've been outside riding since the weather is good during the week without my camera.

But what is up with Mother Nature dumping on the weekends?

Both mtb race's this weekend sounded like fiasco's. Too bad they are good venue's. The volunteers have their work cut out for them now.

Perhaps less surprising is how the five-time Russian national champion proposed to celebrate his victory. Said Ivanov:
“We will celebrate tonight. We will drink vodka." — VeloNews senior writer Fred Dreier and Agence France Presse contributed to this report.
I too started celebrating, but not with Vodka. I decided on this...

It has both elements of survival...Beer n' Coffee.

I thought I would include some of the shot's I did take before my hiatus. Enjoy the dump!

Monday, April 6, 2009

crusty Internet Observations

On the Tour of Flanders side..
Looks like these guys are jumping on the bandwagon. The format makes sense, wider profile would only give the tubular more contact area for glueing. Not only that you will be able to expand the footprint of the tire. Riding in the 'well' would seem to also prevent a pinch flat. The three teams I noticed during the RvV was Columbia(Hincapie and Burghardt both finished on the HED's sidenote: Stallion hubs and Sonic hubs) and Cervelo Test Team who Heinrich and Hursvold(came up a little short on finishing) finished on theirs. Team Slipstream with Martjin Maanskant along with Steven Cozza.

The boss has been riding these for awhile and loves them. It really makes a 23mm look like a 25mm. Not one pinch flat from a race tire on the roads we ride is very impressive.

On the mountain bike front..
A little birdy told me to have a looksee at the Team Swiss Power/Scott boys. Could be racing a secret group! Hhhhmmmm? Could it be the SRAM XX? Keep your eye out for pics this weekend as the World Cup race is in South Africa.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pullin' da Plug

What a decision to have to make. Well not that big of a deal but it was an objective I was really looking forward to since getting my name into the mix.

Sport Psychology plays an important role in the development of a complete athlete. Many athlete's go out and beat themselves up and down on the bicycle but fail to connect with there subconscious ability.

As your season progress' look at some of things to bring yourself 360 degrees to compete at your optimum.

Distraction Preparation: Do you deal with internal & external distractions in planned manner?
Plans and Adherence to Plans: Self Explanatory.
Mental Preparation: Can you balance the stress of your life?
Optimal Physical Training: Make sure your not an 'over-doer'. Make sure to balance your training and your psychical and mental recovery.

Top athletes have the following characteristics in spades:
  1. Determination and commitment to athletic pursuits
  2. Consistent Quality training using daily metal skills such as goal setting, simulation & imagery training.
  3. Focus/concentration skills
  4. Recognition, expectation, and preparatioin to cope with pressure situations.
  5. Well-developed plans for competition
  6. Distraction control strategies
  7. High self confidence.
Now why would I put some info like that out there? Well athletes constantly have to change objectives and have to deal with the mental aspects of goal changing. Sometimes it's hard to accept that something you trained for is slipping out of reach. It can make stressors for those that have a competitive mind set. So sit back, take a deep breath, refocus and take it in stride as a life learning experience.

I really can relate:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Curious...(ADHD Rant 1.2.1)

Does stupidity grow on trees?

Can you get stupidity if you rub up against a stupid person?

Or how about drinking after one?

A yawn? A blink of an eye?

Why is it that the corporate world has to deal with acronyms?

Phuck sake's this guy is fast.

I'm feeling the love for this poor guy! Talent being wasted.

Are you really surprised this happened? SUCK IT!!!!! Anyone want mine?