Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's Really the Last Day of January?

67 degrees and winds gusting to 25mph.  I will take it!
Todays plan ride from mi casa to City Market Coffee House.

That could be a flat?  What da you think?

Bag O' Raisins for K-Lou

Don't focus on G-Love fixing his flat, look at the two cars going through the intersection!  You know your in the hood when ________.
Yep, it was actually warm enough for K-Lou to shed his winter gear.

This is proof how strong the wind gusts were. Suck!

More evidence of how warm it was today!
Big City ridin'
Our destination City Market Coffee House and that's a roaster.

Reserved Parking for crusty!

So the picture above relates to why K-Lou is rolling around on the pavement below.  How you might ask?  Well as K-Lou started to track stand in front of the sign his old arse foot cramped up and he fell just as I was taking the picture with which was suppose to be him in the foreground. Instead I got him cleaning the pavement.

MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN! Swweeettt! K-Lou show me how to do that trick again, would ya?

Closing shots of the day...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Preparation Is Everything

Laying down the foundation is one thing.

Knowing what your body needs over a duration of an endurance event is another.

Acclimating the body to rigors of equipment to be used during said event is something that becomes essential for said athlete.

So I made my own little "Half Ouachita" to see what needs to be dialed for the event.

Sweet Double Track Loop to start the 'Loop'
It was a little chilly with the NW wind @15-20
A little 'BC' in Misery!
I can't get enough shots of this big fella'
That is truly an understatement.  The picture doesn't give it justice.  Plus this comes off a really steep road that was snow/ice covered.  Very high pucker factor

More double track.

Half way.  Lunch Break.

There is a trail, look really hard.  After this a little bushwackin'

I'm toast.

So what did I learn from my experiment?
1.  My Deuter doesn't need to be so snug.  
2.  I need my sugar's in my system.  I only had one bottle of 'go juice'. But had several gels.  It didn't quite cut it though.  In reading this guy's exploits I need more sugar's to sustain high exertion levels in the aerobic/anaerobic zones.
3. Get a little more acclimated to the rig with the loaded pack.

I'm glad these are easily correctable and will be doing some more of the '1/2 O' to get everything to a "T".  

For my boyz in Wisco here is a little rollerific tunes to keep you entertained while you are inside!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the Seventh Day, The Wicked Rested!

Brunch at crusty's Bowl of joe and Honey Apple Bastard, no I meant Batard!

So the Boss and I went to the ice sculpture contest yesterday.  Damn it was cold too!

This three dimensional was really cool.

Ice cock!

Since the temps have been settled back into the 'normal' range now, I have made another soundtrack ROLLER RAMA! Enjoy it!

Friday, January 23, 2009

3 Layer Day

and how!  Layer one.
                 Layer three. but I have the vest.
Setting right at freezing and with the winds howling up to 30mph made it quite an adventure to get all my gear and bike rolling without freezing my arse off!

So to say the least there aren't alot of photog's today.  Nature called and I wanted to give you an idea how well the trail conditions were in some spots.  I would say 90% of the trail is bone dry with some of it reminding me of summer.  The reason for that is that the trails had alot of dust, amazingly.

Overcast and somewhat gloomy.  Good day to do an adventure.

Bed pan of days of ol'

For some of you old MTBr's you might remember this area of Landahl, the old trail 10,11.  The old back way is still there but it hasn't been ridden that's for sure, but to my surprise someone has been maintaining parts of the old trail.

Note the orange arrow.  They had parts of old Moab marked on the rocks and the trees also with the orange arrows.  It was really well kept, leaves off the trail, trees trimmed the whole nine yards.

Brought back the days when were scouting that stuff to make into trail.  It was definitely a shit-grin ride through the old trail.  I went through the rock cropping that CSt tried to take off my shoulder on the tandem.  He kept forgetting he was riding a tandem.  To this day I can't believe we rode through 10 on that thing.  I need to get that flow back again, that's for sure!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ho, Hum

On schedule today the Cultural Enhancement Tour(CET)...

So off K-Lou and myself go towards the great urban core of Kansas City from our suburban mecca. 

Some of the shots taken today are more of "Where's K-Lou?" than anything else.
K-Lou's best Zoolander!

It was really one of those kind of days.
Told you, it was one of those kinda days!

I don't think were in the burbs, baby!
Da city!

Yep, that's a chick, and she does have a wallet!

K-Lou preparing for a 'snack'

I have a knack for finding 10% and above for K-Lou!

It really is this steep. uugghh!
So here are some interesting closing shoots....
Hey Pa, I think we have everything plus the kitchen sink, refrigerator, and air conditioner!

I'm really sure that this is poor sponsor representation.

The clouds did start moving in towards the end.

Hmmm, deep thoughts...

I think this means 'Enter at your own risk' without really having to put up the official signage.

Today's parting shot...