Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gettin the Ducks In a Row

Amazingly things are falling right in a row for the upcoming silly season.
1. Races lined out. At least half of them. Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge.
2. Bikes.
3. Kits. A big surprise coming for those who think a religious experience is done by bicycle.
4. New additions to the bandwagon. MWI is growing, or is that infesting? One sucker at a time.
5. Laying out a training plan.....

There are probably some other things I'm forgetting to add to the list. If so a later post will be due.

ADHD Rant...first watch the video before you continue...

Cycling is something to be enjoyed or embraced for those who know what the end result is derived from diligent work. For those who feel superior to others is a real deal breaker for such a small niche sport. Exuding arrogance(stupidity) makes it difficult for understanding when the group of participants are constantly interacting in competition weekend after weekend.
What am I getting at? DON'T BE A DICK!!! We are all here for fun, we don't have to have the latest, greatest, "Look at how phucking cool I am gadget!" to still participate in this sport. Yes it's cool to have it, but don't say something if your knob, just keep it to your 'circle' or peer group. Just like in high school some of us can communicate with the nerds, jocks, wasteoids, sluts, dweebs, and everyone else involved in cycling.

Like my Mother use to say "If you have nothing nice to say, Don't say anything at all!"

Monday, June 29, 2009

Beer of the Week

Tour of KC-Power & Light Edition Afternoon 3

The morning looked great with the temp sitting at 68 degrees when I got up. The Boss takes Maximilian for a walk while JJ and I sip coffee and chat about solving the problems of the cycling world. When the Boss comes back she fires up the Belgian waffle maker to make a super breakfast for all of us. BTW, if you slack in this house,well your ass out. Don't hesitate when fruit is offered or "YOU GET NONE!" Blueberry nazi says.

JJ decided to drive himself down so he could bail back to Bodunkilvar after our race. We exited into Downtown to see that the course was set up right around the new Kauffman Building for Performing Arts, yikes I knew I was in trouble!

It was a really sweet course with really good speeds and little brakes needed to fly through four corners. I decided not to go for a warm up lap this time and got front row on the inside of the course. I could feel the legs were a little heavy so I decided to try something for fun. A HAIL MARY. I figured I could lay down a nuclear lap and soften the pack up for my boy's JJ and KLew. Well it worked I strung out the pack and absolutely went atomic, not able to recoup I just did intervals on the finish climb and called it a day at 21:05. Didn't make my goal of 30min's but longer than the past two days. Yea, I know 1:05 but hey that's progression right? Thanks to this guy for the 'recovery drink!'

Only one thing laid in the way of another big payday for JJ and myself(the diligent lieutenant, I didn't see a envelope laying around after you left JJ for the race winnings split?) KLew....
My boy decided to send some junior over the barriers with a vulgar display of power.
The end result to body: Broken scaphoid, with a fractured glenoid process.
The end result to bike

What a wonderful weekend it was(except for KLew's crash) and looking forward to the next race/ride weekend JJ is in town.

Thanks for Kim Morris for shooting these pics...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tour of KC-Less Scummit Edition Afternoon 2

After a day of hanging with JJ doing nothing the weather gods decided to play a funny on us.
At about the time we decided to get kitted up the Weather Radio gave us a shout about imminent storms approaching with high winds and hail. What more could you ask for?

As we roll out of the casa it starts to spit on us. I put on my rain protection to start our warm up to the race. You really can't beat a race 4.89 miles from the casa. On our trip out again I worked for JJ making sure that he was out of the wind to save himself for the race. This time I was hoping he would at least sprint. You know that's what I'm there for, the dutiful lieutenant to help out my teammates.

The pro 1/2's wrapped up an exciting as the rain persisted making us find shelter(before it went atomic) behind the barriers to get a good start position. The promoters gave us a free lap to check out the course so the majority of the riders did, some didn't a got the front row. To there amazement the pace car didn't roll through yet so the field had to split and this gave JJ and I the opportunity to get from the back of the field of to the second and third row. Good times.

As we got the start the rain was becoming intermittent just enough to keep the streets wet and roster tails causing the colors on MWI kit to become subdued. Na, not really. I never had a groove for the race but I did enjoy myself riding(note not racing) in the rain. Again I made it about 20min into the 40min crit. Oh well good intensity.

I grabbed a front row seat JJ and K Lew were still alive in the pack. Mixing it up really nicely. The laps counted down JJ made surges back and forth within the group while K Lew was hanging on for dear life. A lone rider made a great move and hung on for first as JJ rolled in 4th. Good thing I kept him out of the wind on the warm up to save it for the end today.

After a little time to sort out the cash(which I didn't get any) we rolled home in really nice weather and got ready to roll out to the Epic. Again Mother Nature decided this wouldn't be a good idea by putting on a amazing lightening show. That cemented the plan would be foiled as we turned tail back home to chilax at the casa and chatted late into the night. Amazing how it seems that after two days we still haven't shared all our stories. Good Times.

Today is the last day of the Tour of KC- Power and Light District. I feel trashed but still ready to go and tackle a true downtown course. Maybe today I can make 30min and still help my boy finish in the top five. If so I should get some cash this time. Some people? If not I might go nuclear.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tour of KC-Less Scummit Edition Afternoon 1

I must say I'm throughly impressed with the SKC organization for putting together such a good two event's in Less Scummit.
To start the weekend off my buddy JJ came in from Bodunkilvar. It's most interesting that this town doesn't have access to texting. Outside of the greater metropolitan area of Springfield. But he is able to access Twitter via dial up. Swwweeeetttttt.

After a short 'what's up' exchange we decided to get kitted up and roll to the course. I told JJ that is was 10miles away from the casa. I decided we should leave around 4:15 to give ourselves plenty of time to get there with a nice easy ride to warm up. Considering it was 93 degrees with humidity in the 30% ball park I figured that an hour and twenty five minutes would be plenty time to putz on out there. What I didn't figure on was that JJ's butterflies would kick in and he decided to put the tempo on to make sure we would get there in plenty of time. To my dismay my HR would not drop below 150. Bad sign. So I subtly decided to slow the pace but I kept getting the look over the shoulder "Hurry the Hell Up" look. Well we arrived in plenty of time to catch set up of the course and ride the wrong way, due to the fact they weren't done yet. NOTE: (Early arrival). After a couple of laps I decided this was not a good course for me to start up the season. Undulating course with no reprieve in sight for the wicked.

At the start things went really well, I was in the top twenty, ahead of JJ. I made it through the first tight corner safely then I started going backwards (actually looking for JJ to help him). As the first group started to slip away I was lucky to finally find JJ and pull him up to the first group. After that I sucked. This all occurred in the first lap. Great, I'm killing it now. I'm sucking, I'm actually throwing all blame on JJ for setting a blistering warm up on my early demise. Oh did I say I sucked? Well I made it 20 minutes of the 40mins. Big suck.

JJ did a great job of sticking with the group after I helped him up on the first lap. But in the end he didn't sprint for the money, which I can't understand I thought he could have sprinted at the end to give me some cash for helping him early on. Some guys, phuuuffff! He did finish up 11th overall. Great job bro!!

Tonight is Night Two Of Tour Of KC-Less Scummit Edition and the temp is 95 right now with 50% humidity. I'm hoping to finish tonight and not have to work so hard for JJ on the first lap or during our blistering warm up to the race tonight. Then the Epic begins.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Laying The Foundation

Now that the real season is fast approaching things have to get squared away so as to make sure all pistons are firing in precise order.
In years past I've had plenty of races accumulating a very well balanced fitness level. NOT THIS YEAR! Not one single race under the belt.
I've been definitely been flying under the radar so far. Building a slow and steady pace, throwing some new creative items to invoke a stimulus for the CNS.
Now that I can see some of these items producing a positive effect it might be time to throw down the gauntlet....Entering the first race of the year. The only thing is that I think I'm committed to a party. One of Epic proportions. Yes the 'E' is meant to be capitalized.
Of all things Summer officially started yesterday.
94° F | 77° F
Partly Cloudy
94° F | 76° F
95° F | 76° F
Partly Cloudy
92° F | 74° F
94° F | 74° F
ClearPartly CloudyClearPartly CloudyClear

I'm glad I'm on a recovery week. It looks like I'm going to go out to just get acclimatized to the heat. Day one relax from the project the boss and I started Sunday. Off to drink fluids and get my beauty rest. Lord knows I need it!

Beer of the Week

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beer of the Week(Summer Style)

The Gerbil Wheel/Boob:30(ADHD post)

I'm the poor little bastard in there. Stuck spinning aimlessly in circles at 6.8km/hr.


What's up with the Boob:30?

Well on my crusty adventure Saturday I had an unexpected run in with a girl who thought it would be really funny to flash me her boobs. Amazing, not her boobs, but the shear fact that a girl, by herself would just honk, yell at me, and then raise her shirt to show me her rack. WTF? I must say in all the years I have never had that happen. I've still not decided what to think of it! But had to be the best cycling moment I've had.

And now for something completely different..

Only when you thought one finger was bad....you get two from Mother Nature...
She's been dishing out the rainstorms from hell lately.

And nooow fore zummzing elze completely different...
(p.s country bumpkin, I didn't think they had the technology to reach down there?)

And now for something completely different than the other stuff that has been different...

I'm going to throw this one in to keep the fire burning.
Somethings change but always stay the same! To change the mindset/culture is going to take alot of house cleaning from top to bottom. To many have an answer, but they are asking the right questions unfortunately for a complete makeover.