Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Saturday, February 28, 2009

ADHD Rant 1.0.1

I might not be contemplating these following thoughts if it wasn't doing this...

Thanks Chili for sending the weather down this way.

So I found some interesting stuff that I just couldn't pass up while I'm sitting here looking at this freakin' blizzard hit here!

So starting things off...We are in a recession so what better way to turn it around than institute some new laws?

I wonder if the above laws will cure this developing health crisis?

Maybe if you drink enough you will forget about the depression or the recession...that is til you run out of alcohol.

I can say I will do my part to prop up the economy with my purchase's...

Interesting POV for today. If your not sure what the law of supply and demand is well click the link! Why?
Well this is due to the people who claim that the Big Three don't produce enough fuel efficient cars for consumers. Well to my dismay the consumer doesn't demand a fuel efficient vehicle when gas prices are below $4. Why do I throw this out. The 'consumer' has spoke and they are demanding big arse SUV's to drive. Arlington is now scheduled to work 9hr days and 3 Saturdays next month to keep up with the new modified field supply of 30 days. Amazing people throw down the Big Three but in return are buying up the big arse machines!

At least the execs haven't thrown any parties lately? Can the bank exec's say that? BTW, where the hell did all that money go? They don't know, frankly I can't see how I could misplace $20 and not have a daisy chain.
Look here, here or maybe here! Three is a charm!

Tonight I can ride out my frustration if I can get out of my neighborhood!

NOW LOOK WHO has decided to UNretard!

The closing shot of the day...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've got it...

Spring Fever! Three days of temp's in/around the 60's and I don't want it to change. Today was the whipped cream on that fu-fu latte some of you phags get!

Monday was the 'Nail in the Coffin' ride with the Boss. The wind was the only bad thing about that day. Plus the fact I did feel a little older. Naw, that's bullshit, I didn't feel any older!

Tuesday a little test of the engine to see how the cylinders are firing. Not to bad but I'm going to set that as a benchmark to come next month and go from there. So far so good, though.

Today, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! 69 degrees (great number, eh?) No armwarmers, no kneewarmers, just kickin it with my white arse legs! Have been doing a little route exploration in the new neighborhood and have found some really good loops to keep the mind from being bored. Again I suckered the Boss on this ride but it was alot shorter than I planned. Oh well, next time I will get her!
I wonder what loops the TWC, WWC, ThWC, SaWC, SuWC routes will be?

Here is a little photo dump...

The closing shot of the day..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Right, Left, Right, Left!

I have entered the groundhog day world, again.  SUCK!!

No more choosing what bike to ride, when to ride that bike, where to ride that bike.  The Man has grabbed me from my PRO life and is throwing the book at me.  Albeit a slow build up to ultimate boredom and unaccomplishment in my work. Oh yes, it's amazing how after a considerably amount of time the body/mind still remember the monotony of a job of such skill that a well trained monkey could do it.

Now that this month is almost over and the foundation of some sick base has been built on the sound principals its now time to start with some intensity. Starting with this....

The schedule just starts to hit weekend after weekend.  The year is going to be a good mix of dirt and asphalt unlike years past.  Yea!  Not to much of one thing or the other. A really good mix of all disciplines will make crusty happy.

Now on to some things that have caught my eye over the past week...

All I can say I hope they get Cavendish a new pair of shorts after his 'exciting finish!'  
I have seen first hand what can happen if you keep your white shorts for to long.  My boy BigB has the best example in the world of why you should ditch your white shorts after a year, let alone 15 years of  a skinsuit that fit you in college when you were in shape. But now makes you look like the Michelin Man. Please don't live the dream to long!  It hurt's the rest of us!

I was just reading a article somewhere how the 'new' Lance is more approachable, friendlier, and seems to genuinely nicer person since his return.  I mean this guy has LiveStrong colors flying right?  Albeit he substituted the forks for syringes, how bad could it be? 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Ain't No Bull

I have found an alternative to 'pop' or 'cola'.  Since I don't drink the stuff unless I'm mixing it with this or that.  
But I may have found my crack!  Let it get to room temp and bam!  It doesn't have the kick of the other Red Bull and the flavor is on the opposite spectrum.  Good stuff!
Today's ride is sponsored by Red Bull Cola today though!

Nothing like a little fresh gravel on '25's to make it interesting!

Todays ride was cut short to the incoming storm.  I had planned a couple of hours but only managed 1.5hr.  Warm weather is been great, but now back to reality it looks like.  Temps more like they should be kinda sucks.  

But I did some of my spring to do list done with the unexpected warmth.  

Saturday, February 7, 2009


What the hell does that mean?

Well while we (Shea Butter, G Bomb, and myself) were riding today for some reason my kinesiology equations kept coming up in my head.  

What kind of ride one must have to come up with equations?  

Lets start out this way, we are experiencing record setting temps that haven't been seen since 1904.  I personally went through 3.5 water bottles today.  Also got a tan!!
Todays epic was one that added on from last weekend's dose of mileage. We added the dead hooker loop, but only got to see one in action!  Sorry karls jr I didn't get a photo for you.
Surprisingly Shea Butter rode from downtown area to mi casa and G Bomb joined in the fun to set a good tempo into our revamped CET loop.
After our little sortie into the DHL Shea Butter called it a day and left G Bomb and I to discover a different route home.

Photo dump

Tri Amigo's rollin' in da hood
The name says enough.

Uuummm, makes me want to eat there.

The cafe of Kansas City
G Bomb leading into the warm sun.

G making his escape.

The closing shot of the day...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Salmonella Alert!

SubUrban Camouflage Ride

I had to get out today to enjoy the 57 degree weather today.  It was a little bit windy, though.  What was the temp up in Wisco boys?

Not much to say but it was nice, and I started working on the tan.  Here is a photo dump...

Busy as a ______

Click on the pic above.  I wasn't the only out there!
Wasn't that a cover picture for Old Sckool MTB?

MTBr's really leave odd things out to mark trails.
SubUrban Camo.  Working on the tan!

The closing shot... is a chair to enjoy the beautiful overlook....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

In My Backyard? Well Close Enough!

Well I have know about 'this' trail for awhile, but today the Boss and I discovered more of the gem that exists.  Let me tell you it is something to behold!!  Somewhat WombleLandahl, and Katy Trail all mixed into one fine arse trail.

So we headed off with just the idea of rolling on for a little cruise...
20 degrees colder today!

Part Katy Trail

Part Womble

Part Landahl

If you veer of trail say hello to cacti!

Our little 'cruise' wound up being a 15 mile tour of some spectacular trails within minutes of the house.  It now looks like my 1/2 O is going to be getting closer to actually distance.

Closing shoots for today...