Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday was dedicated to finish off the drainage/water run off that now came to a head since we built the dry creek bed.
Routed the drains into the dry creek bed, pretty smooth entrance.

The neighbors back drainspout connected to the 'main' drain. Large amounts of water flowed from this downspout causing the side of the drycreek to build up with water.

Our side downspout routed and connected to the main.

The neighbors front down spout routed and connected, a little lumpy, eh?

The final piece to the puzzle. System complete and now waiting for the rain to fall. Pictures of the how this works soon. Maybe?

My FIL brought out the tractor to do this project. Without it this could have been a two day project instead of 3-4hrs. So nice to have a 'heavy' to call when needed!

Sunday brought on a brrrrpppp session with the MTB couples...

The boss's rig and mine.

The Gnome, boss, and Aimes

DS in the position I saw the most of him today. Looking back for me.

The rollout to nowhere!

Wrapping up the brrrpp session. Oh yea, the Gnome decided to show his IQ in his new 'Old Skool' Oakley gloves.

Perfect trail conditions today. Tacky with just a couple of mud spots. Plus the temp was 60 degrees when we started.

The boss's best zoolander!

Friday, August 28, 2009

So Simple, It Could Be Considered Union Work

Step 1. Pull down on the nose pieces

Step 2. Raise the 'JawBone'

Step 3. Raise the other side 'Jawbone'

Step 4. Remove lense

Step 5. Remove other lense

Step 6. Change to your taste.

ooooohhhhhh mmmmmyyyyyy am I excited! The fit is incredible! Much different than the original Race Jackets that I have. Peripheral vision is increased over the original Race Jackets also. Another thing I found interesting was that after a tough CX session I didn't accumulate as much sweat on the lenses of the JawBone's as I do the Race Jackets. I'm not sure why that is but the variables were unchanged from the ride earlier this week when I wore the Race Jackets. Interesting though.
I did get a pair of show stoppers! But make sure you see me at the start when I have those on! (I will make sure they are clean before the presentation)

All I can say is BIG THANKS TO RV for the 'hook up'.

Also please light a candle in the memory of a collectable....

I have finally have killed the Tufo tubular clincher! I have a slow leak in the front but tonight's single track brrrpppp session was more than they could handle. For those who have watched the "Nine Ball Diaries" just remember when your railing singletrack like TJ he gets his shit for free!
Don't hit sharp edge rocks at 40psi. Bad things can happen. Especially when your CO2 fails. Yep I did something I constantly preach about due to the fact that I was CX practicing I couldn't carry my Large Frame Pump on the frame because of the constant mounts and dismount at speeds.
For those that need to know: 3 sets of O/U's. Then some singletrack brrrpppp practice!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Over, Under, Rest, Over, Under, Rest

One of the most evil workouts man has created, the over/under's. Then add to that the fact that I'm on the CX bike. Add to that a 25 curved gravel course of undulating pain. Adding more to the mix is the near collision with two separate deer on opposite ends of the trail makes this training day totally en fuego!

I thought I would share a 'secret' with you ladies and gentlemen to see what I might do or not do on a specific day during the week as I prepare for the CX season. It's all a conspiracy my elder from Bodunklivar!

The other 'secret' is that no one uses this trail/road/park/vacation spot except dumping excess trash. It is quite amazing the system that exists in and around this area that no one really explores. Everyone seems to be set on 'known' roads/park/vacation spots and don't broaden their horizons. Sad.

CX Christmas has started. mwi kits are in, they are sick! Say Hello to Johnny Cash! I'm the Man in Black.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Day Is It?

Man O' Man has time flown. It's been a total blur the past week or so.
Getting you kids up to speed is my job...
The most memorable part of the last week was Saturday Nights Bachelor Party for our dearly departing formally known as G Love now to be known as the Garden Gnome or Gnome Love for short. Soon I will give you the reason why this change has occurred. If you should see him before I make the post ask him why?

Another item to occur during the NBP...

I purchased some good luck!
One of the best tattoo artist's in town actually came back after alittle hiatus in Rhode Island. I had been considering getting something done for a couple of weeks. When I found out that Andrew was back in town that weekend I made sure to get in and see him. Next up is getting the rest of the back lined up in October. Although talk was brought up about another idea.

CX Christmas is happening next week(expect a pictorial). Coincidence, NO not at all. Luck being fulfilled. I'm excited to see what the rest of season brings.

The boss and I found this out while shopping...

Thought a couple of people would enjoy this one!

BTW, training in the man cave is going just fine. Yes, secret training is developed and followed to ensure the CX season will be en fuego!

Next week starts the CX practice sesssions! I might have to take some shots for you peeps.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Look Up, My Brothers and Sisters

*CROSS SERIES. Yes, there is a 2009 CENTRAL IOWA CROSS SERIES. 8 races. 6 in the metro. 2 within 40 minutes of the metro. There will be overall prizes, leaders jerseys, great competition, consistent classes and more fun than you can shake a stick at. I promise. We have an unreal group of promoters with a common bond. That is to GROW the sport…….If you add the STATE cross race (not part of the series), you will have NINE (!!!) cross races in and around the metro. How rad is that???

*CROSS WEBSITE. You got it. Next week Mr. Scott Sumpter (of BIKEIOWA.com fame) will unveil a cross website. Blog updates. Race calendar. Race flyers. Results. Series information. Series results. Renegade info. Anything you could ever want or need on an awesome one-stop-shop.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Its The Indsutry At Large

More often than not we can blame it on the overzealous marketers for the bicycle industry. What is exactly the 'blame' well it's the lack of concern for true ability to forecast when, where, and why the product they stated would be here on such and such isn't here till....well a hell of alot later than any of else planned on.

Start the fervor, get them salivating for the product, then the orders come in...well now that we have your money it will be such and such longer. It got stuck here, or there, but more often than not we end up on the short end of the stick. Not pleasing for the consumer, which is me.

I've been on that side. The bike industry that is, I worked many years in shops. Often times starting a fire under a customers hind end to find out the product I was pimpin won't be out when I was first told it would be. The end result, the customer is dissatisfied with my explanation of why 'it's' not in there hands when I said it was to be. Now I have lost street cred(yea that's right, I've been dying to use that) with this consumer. Unfortunate because I was a link to new, cool, most desired product for said consumer to purchase.

More often than not the 'inside guy' had no sympathy for my cries of "Well you said' falls on deaf ears. Thanks I will be sure to tell you how satisfied the customer was with your response. Oh wait, you don't give a shit about that either. Thank you, I highly doubt that customer will want to buy something from a Local Bike Dealer again. Now he will visit the World Wide Web and not deal with 'people' per say. I hear it now "I found it at WWW site and they had it for this price!" Continuing on said customer throws down "Could you install it for me?"

Phuck sakes I'm now getting off the soap box.

Monday, August 10, 2009

How Does It Work?

Well that has been the question since we finished our dry creek project. Well here you go....

You can see that lower corner is filling up.

Amazing to think that water is showing through 4-6in of sand and gravel. But it works that is for sure, proof is in the puddin baby!

Nice little build up from our and neighbors side drains.

Here is the reason for the water running along the edge.

I'm now going to route our side drain and the neighbors together effectively eliminating the build up this side. Yea, I'm doing really soon. CX is coming.

Beer of the Week

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Color Purple

Learnin' yo!

Hookie, Chiggers, and Moto

For the first time in 13 years I played the above mentioned. That's right, stuck it to the man! Rolled out undercover, incognito, ninja style with the masses of smokers. Not one soul noticed. That is until later when the man texted:

"Where you at?" the man
"In the loo" crusty
"They are looking for you" the man
"Be down in a couple" crusty
"How is Broadway?" the man
"The best as usual!" crusty
"Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?" the man
"I thought I did, my bad" crusty

The trail gnome hasn't been out at BS Lake at all. This is what happens when you want to see if maybe, just maybe around the corner might be cleared. No such luck. Trail gnome sucks! I'm in living hell right now, and I look like an animal.

That's how I run my cyclocross bike. Please send me the reasons why I'm stupid for setting it up this way. I've heard them all. I don't care. I like it that way. Suck it.

I must admit the first few sessions of CX are a challenge after riding road, mtb, and SS for so long during the 'season.' Grabbing to much 'front' brake on a downhill is a sphincter factor (as in you couldn't shove a sewing machine needle in my arse with a sledge hammer) of the utmost degree.

Other than the above mentioned sphincter factor everything went well. No undercarriage damage, rusty but not ice required. Always a good thing. Starts, well I need more practice. It is always a shit grin ride when the CX is brought out. Good times are to follow. I'm patiently waiting for these! Next week the ordering begins for the 'new' parts. New season, new races, new expectations. On pin and needles for it to begin.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Silk Weaver

I have found a new occupation after todays ride..

I'm getting into exporting silk from the spider webs I collect during my rides.

Holy Shit Bat Man, it was absolutely horrible ride today. More than once I endoed as I heard a little creature tapping around inside the helmet. I will have some serious nightmare's tonight. My creak n fail had so many webs on the front of it that looked like cracks in the headtube.
Then to top it off I had two flats. The last one resulting in a nice hike of four tenths of mile hike.

MotherF#$@er Process was at deafcon 5.

It was back to good old summer. It felt great when I flatted in the woods as I stood in a poodle of myself melting in the humidity. I love summer! To bad my ride was cut short. I was looking to put the whole trail in which would have been 20miles instead I threw in the towel and ended up riding the road back. Suck. 15miles cutting out some trail. Double Suck.
All I can say is HTFU.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

MotherF@#*&er Process

New terminology for a practice at which I've become top notch at...
if the process should break down multiple times the language is elevated one level at a time until it reaches the MotherF*&%er level. Bad things happen at this level. Bad, really, not lying.