Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

crusty Legs

Shaking off the cold from the past five days. JIT for the O. I can feel the legs are there but the engine is not primed totally for a 'event' of this distance. The miles are there, the mind is there, but will the body be ready to dial it up?

The other question is what will the system feel like after doing a 60 miler with 7,ooo ft of elevation?

If not going to be competitive I guess I will have this motto for the day...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Ride Gone Bad

Here is the good part of the ride first...

Calm before the storm.
Very placid lake is a sure sign that it's going to be a doosie.

Spring is trying spring.

In coming clouds were ladened with moisture.

This could be a prime road ride, right DS?

Or maybe this one will suit you better?

Chili, this is for you. 13% max averaging around 8%

Those black dots in the trees are Turkey Vultures as big as a midget.

The other lake is just as placid. Yikes!

So you might be wondering why this ride was going so good what happened to make it go wrong?
Well grab a drink a follow a crusty rambling.

As I entered the great suburban of Less Scummit some really nice punk ass skate kids in momma's Buick Regal decides to do a little 'brush'. At the same time they were yelling words of encouragement as "Get of the phucking road arsehole!" I was really feeling the love. Lucky for me they were going to a four way stop light that I have done many sprints up and know very well how long the light is. Well to the surprise of the little punkarse I pull up right next to the driver and grab his door so he can't throw it open at me.

I ask him if he would like to say anything else to me? His face turned white as a ghost and so did the other punks in the car. Lucky for him his window was up just enough I couldn't give him a love tap. Because believe you me I was going to clean this kids mouth with my fist! So as he sat in the car tight lipped, I explained to them how stupid they were and not to swerve or do any other stupid shit to cyclists again.

As I approached the light one of them in the back of the car said something very profound. So I had enough of their bullshit turned the bike around in the turning lane and laid it down and invited them to step on out and proceed to get their ass kicked by a guy in tights!

To my amazement all 5 of the punks stayed in the car. When the light turned green they speed off throwing me the bird and calling all kinds of friendly names.

I love the suburbs!

Yes, in hindsight that was stupid, but man after my boy Chili played chicken with a car and the images of his leg burned in my melon, that really pushed me over the edge thinking what could have been for a joke. my bad.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crusty Paris-Nice

1 day 2 stages!

It started with a nice little 78 miler accumulating 3450 ft of climbing with G-Love, DS.
Things started out slow...
Now you know why we call him 'G-love'!

Then it progressed to this view, alot for me.
G-Love beginning to inflict his 'crab' upon DS & me.

DS gives a kick.
Does anyone notice a theme here?

Finally something flat and rough. GREAT!

Thank God I have a really good zoom! Another phuckin hill!

Then after a little rest the second stage started....

Coldsprints! @ Harlings Upstairs.

Zeke puttin on his best facebook face.
A big salute from the boss, KVD, Aims!
Jones givin a salute!
Dyke givin a salute! Does anyone feel the theme here?

Here are some random shots of the night...

I busted a shoestring during one of the sprints.
The posse kickn it, Harlings Upstairs style.

My prize for the night!
If you see DS, ask him which door is out!
Door #1
Or door #2!
DS is the Ms Pac-man king!
Harlings Upstairs. It isn't called that for nothing.

A good time by all, except for G-love, he went home and bombed his body after being exposed to Harlings Upstairs. I just wonder how much bleach he used to cleanse his body. He might have even thrown out his clothes and shoes due to over exposure.

The closing shot of the day/night...

Dyke and I doin 1000m Grudge sprint.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Crusty Spring Break Day (ADHD STYLE) I Don't Know What Phuckin Day it is Anymore!

What happened to Spring Break being about tying one on day in, day out during the week?

Or doing whatever you wanted to phucking do, when you wanted to do it!

Can you see that the past couple of days have been about doin' but not really doin?

Here are some important lessons I have learned this week so far:
1. Lie
2. Cheat
3. Steal
4. Repeat Process
5. Drink
7. DIP, as in Skoal not your tool.
8. Be a SUCKASS!!
9. Somewhere down the line it pays off.
10. I'm going to pay it forward to someone. I don't know how, I don't when, BUT IT WILL BE POLITICALLY INCORRECT IN EVERY MANNER APPLICABLE!!
Are you with me so far. GOOD!

I love this entry from Dyke. I'm guilty but you know what? I know I'm pretty on the inside so why not expose people to my exterior? Why not put the soft spoken, sweet sided, wear my emotions on my sleeve kinda of guy on the cover to put the face with the expression of the soul?
I'm Good Enough
I'm Smart Enough
And dawgon it, people like me!

Here is something for those with XM/Sirius. Makes me want to go on a road trip. FAST!

Here is something for those with a Mac. Look for something more from the POV soon.

Anyone see the new Velonews? If not, check it out. See what the have got the boss' heartthrob doing. Your not familiar with that type of stuff. You should be. If not I can make it FUNctional for you!

The closing shot of the day....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Crusty Spring Break Day 2

St. Patricks! Nuf said....

St Pats tradition starts at Kelly's.

Irish Car Bomb!

Happy St Pat's from Tommy!

The closing shot of the day....
Random Drunk Irish Wanna Be