Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing

Elbert Hubbard

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I've Fallen Off the Blog...and I cant' get up!

Wow, I've noticed I suck at updating?

Is it a sign?

Am I done with this damn thing?

Twitter more entertaining for me?

Not sure, but I guess we will see what develops in the next few days, weeks, months!

CX is going on right now...but I'm not participating in the manner in which I had planned. Not that I'm not fired up for it. Planned for it. Got some secret weapons built up for it. Oh yes, that would be one reason this week has been a tough one to get on the computer.

Of note a couple of us have been rantin about the local CX scene. I don't understand, but I'm not a promoter, let alone a racer this season, so why should I give a shit. Well, cycling is about development. You can't developman if the top three beat the nearest competitor by 3-4minutes. Not only that, the top three were separated by more than a minute a piece.

What kind of ding dong battle is that?

Of interesting note: A regional official of USAC called out our mwi teammate Roscoe at Jingle Cross last year AT THE START LINE demanding a letter of intent for upgrading. Right before Nationals, forcing the boy up due to his domination at ONE race. Not at his local racing scene mind you which is Wisco, but in Iowa he shamed him for upgrade. ( I bet Roscoe gets the shame notice this year!)

Why isn't our officials doing this here?

I understand free series racing if your in the top three cat. But in the same category? WTF? IF your in the top three one year, race for FREE in the SAME CATEGORY THE NEXT! What is the logic behind such a reward? Isn't that sandbaggin or teabaggin? just sayin.

Phuck the bug! I wish I was here this weekend...GOOD LUCK MWI!


ScottyD said...

Preach it! Thats what Im talking about. WTF is this?

Payout 4 deep Cash in 3's. 1st place $70 thats better than 3rd place in the OPEN race. Of course no one wants to upgrade!

eforendo said...

Cat 3 should NEVER receive cash! Not that I have minded the times it's happened to myself or team mates - mostly team mate. But seriously that is ridiculous $70 for Cat 3 is jsut wrong